Review Of Clove Shoes: The Shoes Intended Specifically For Nurses

Review Of Clove Shoes: The Shoes Intended Specifically For Nurses

A new shoe manufacturer called Clove Cares specializes in creating footwear for medical workers. When the creator saw how much of a physical toll nursing was taking on his wife, he was motivated to develop these shoes.

I can certainly sympathize. I spend a lot of time on my feet as a nurse, which costs a lot of money on footwear. I was eager to test Clove Cares shoes when I first learned that they were designed with nurses in mind.

The idea that these shoes were created for those who work in the healthcare industry appealed to me much since I’m always seeking comfy shoes to wear to work. That was a major selling point for me; the designers even worked with nurses to ensure that the shoes catered especially to our requirements.

First Thoughts On Clove

I fell in love with the shoes the moment I saw them. They gave careful consideration to every little aspect, including the packing. Clove Cares wants to convince nurses that these shoes were designed with them in mind. Along with a beautiful letter, they sent a few extras like pencils marked “for borrowing only.” Well done!  travel agency in Lahore

Additionally, the shoes come in gorgeous hues! They also come in grey, black, and white for a more traditional style, but I went with pink to make a statement. Even the titles of the hues are amusing, such as “Night Shift” and “Pink Up.”

Contrary to other nursing shoes, Clove Cares footwear satisfies hospital requirements while also being fashionable. They appear sleek and fit, which goes well with any pair of scrubs. I’d even consider wearing them outside of work since they are so adorable!

How To Save On Cloves

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The Distinctive Qualities Of Clove Shoes

Not only do these sneakers have a nice appearance, but they also contain a tonne of fantastic functionality. I love that they resist liquids. They are fantastic because they keep moisture out and wipe clean. For simple cleansing, you can even toss the soles in the washing machine.

The fact that they are so comfy is most significant. To support the foot, they include three levels of padding. I never have to worry about tripping over my laces or racing to tie my Clove Cares shoes since they are also incredibly simple to slide on and off without tying.

An Outline Of The Attributes Of Clove Shoes

Comfortable, noise-free, odor-fighting, slip-resistant, and wipe-clean

their state of mind throughout my shift

Since I spend the whole day standing up, I usually have leg and back discomfort while wearing standard tennis shoes. The neoprene ankles of Clove Cares shoes promote stability and compression, providing a lot of support. I saw a change! The ankle grip ensures that, unlike with clogs, there is no chance of my ankles rolling. They have excellent ventilation as well. Throughout my whole shift, the breathable fabric kept my feet dry and cool—impressive.

Would I Suggest Clove Footwear?

My feet usually hurt the day after a 12-hour shift, but they felt terrific after wearing Clove Cares for a day. Without a doubt, I’d suggest them. Not only will I wear them, but I’ve also already mentioned them to my friends and colleagues. They had nurses in mind while they were being created.

Score: 9/10

Thoughts on a different brand? Check to see if there is a discount for nurses before you purchase. Many do!

How Does the Warranty for Clove Shoes Work?

Unlike other companies like Vionic, Propet, or Vessi, Clove shoes don’t have a guarantee term on their footwear. The business only provides a 30-day exchange and refund policy. You may return the shoes and replace them if you discover that they don’t fit your feet correctly or if there is a manufacturing issue.

Sadly, Clove Cares doesn’t have a refund policy. For a large firm like Cloves, which has sold millions of pairs of shoes in the previous two years, it is pretty astonishing.

Shoes From Cloves Fit True To Size?

Although Clove Cares shoes come in conventional sizes, they often don’t fit true to size. For the greatest fit with these sneakers, Clove’s official website advises that you order 0.5 sizes larger than your real size.

It simply implies that if you wear a 7 US size, you should choose a 7.5 US standard size. From from point on, Clove’s shoes will be smaller than usual. Always choose a larger size for the best fit. Additionally, it will improve the room and lessen foot discomfort.

Specially Designed For Healthcare Workers:

The fact that Clove shoes are designed specifically for healthcare professionals will immediately win you over. To understand their needs, Clove has worked closely with medical professionals including nurses and physicians.

They have first identified the kind of foot issue these people have. Then, they put systems in place to protect the employees from these foot issues. In hospitals, clinics, and other places where employees spend long hours on their feet, the shoes allow them to relieve foot discomfort.

Cost-Effective Pricing

Even if you need many pairs of Clove Cares shoes, you will benefit from their affordable prices. The average cost of a pair of Clove shoes is $130. Therefore, purchasing additional pairs to wear alternately in your healthcare setting is simple.

It will be helpful since you may need to work more than 12 hours during an emergency or pandemic. Having many pairs of Clove shoes with effective acute pain relief would be useful in such times.

Comfortable And Light

Clove has addressed the problem since healthcare professionals must regularly stroll and spend much of their time standing. Their energy-feedback cushioning and lightweight design are deliberate. Your feet get a decent quantity of energy back from it, which prevents weariness from setting in quickly. As a result, you may work for a long time with confidence and vitality.

Payment Options through Installments: The ability to pay for Clove Cares shoes in installments is another key selling element. Yes, some Clove Shoe goods allow for installment payments. Through Affirm, they provide it. If your budget is limited and you want to work in the healthcare industry, you should take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Bottom Line

The cost of the shoes won’t be a hardship for you since you may pay in installments. With the Clove shoes’ present low prices, it becomes even more convenient.

Careful And Free Shipping: In the USA, Clove Cares provides free shipping. Additionally, they take additional precautions while shipping to make their clients feel valued. To welcome and thank the healthcare professionals for their efforts, Cloves often includes greeting cards and gift cards with their shoes.

The popularity of these shoes among nurses has greatly expanded as a result.


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