Cheap Buys: A Guide To Purchasing Polo Shirts In Bulk

Cheap Buys: A Guide To Purchasing Polo Shirts In Bulk

Who doesn’t love a good polo shirt? That too, at an affordable price. The question is how and from where to buy cheap polo shirts in bulk quantity.

Purchasing polo shirts in large quantities is an excellent and economical method to opt for when clothing a group for work, an event, or to fill a retail clothing store. Yet, getting started can be difficult. Doing your homework beforehand is essential to getting the proper goods in the exact way you want them while shopping for inexpensive polo shirts. 

So, to get you started, here is a tip for purchasing cheap polo shirts wholesale.

Think About What You Want

Investing in bulk quantities of clothing involves careful consideration to ensure that the things ordered will meet your demands. Uniforms, huge corporate events, family gatherings, and team shirts can all benefit from the use of polo shirts. Whether you’re a merchant or an event planner, knowing what you’ll be using the polos for can help you select the best style and fabric.

Get Familiar with Your Personalities

Even though Ralph Lauren popularized the short button-down collared style of athletic shirt known as a “polo,” polo shirts may be found in a wide range of knits and textiles. If you’re looking to stock up on inexpensive polo shirts, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the available options, so you don’t end up with something other than what you ordered.

Pique and jersey are two examples of knit fabrics. Polo shirts are typically made from a pique knit because it is soft, durable, and breathable. Jersey is a more modern knit style, and the shirts made from it have a nice soft drape because of the tightness of the fabric. Compared to pique, the jersey is more affordable.

Pick Appropriate Supplies

Polo shirts, too, come in a wide variety of fabrics. Whether you need them for a corporate function, a uniform, or for resale, your choice of shirt type should reflect the intended use.

Performance blend polo shirts are ideal because they can wick away sweat, prevent odors, and shield the wearer from the sun. Linen polo shirts are perfect for the summer since they are airy and light. They don’t have the same professional look as other kinds and tend to wrinkle easily.

Another lightweight fabric choice is pure cotton, though different types of cotton might fade and pile after repeated washings. Polyester is long-lasting, resistant to stains, and wrinkle-free, making it an excellent choice for professional settings. If you’re looking for a fabric with the softness and breathability of cotton but the colorfastness and durability of synthetic fabric, a cotton mix is a perfect choice.

Sourcing Decisions

After settling on the quantity, cut, and fabric for your polo shirts, it’s time to track down a reliable vendor.

There’s a temptation to cut out the middleman and buy directly from the manufacturer, but the minimum order quantity is generally far more than what most people or businesses need. As a result, you may end up with hundreds of shirts that you don’t need taking up room in your closet.

If you’re looking to buy cheap polo shirts wholesale, it’s best to do it through a reputable apparel wholesaler. One that doesn’t only have a wider selection of brands, sizes, and styles. But also doesn’t require a minimum order size.

Try Out Some Products

An additional perk of ordering from a wholesaler is the ability to “test before you buy”. All by ordering a small quantity of popular polo shirt sizes, styles, and brands in a variety of colors. This way, you can get an idea of whether you should place an order in bulk or not. As at times, it can turn into a complete failure by getting the wrong products or any other issues. You may rest easy placing the final bulk order. Once you already had a chance to touch the fabric and make sure the sizing is accurate. 

The Price of Shipping and Handling

When purchasing polo shirts in bulk, shipping prices and time to delivery are two of the most important considerations. The final price you pay for shipping will depend on the number of shirts you order and where you live.

Many customers need polo shirts for a specific event. So be sure to account for the time it takes to ship the order. As well as the time it takes for any printing or embroidery that may be necessary. If you add two weeks to the date of your event, you’ll have plenty of time to make any necessary changes.


If you need to outfit a large group, polo shirts are a great alternative. But you need to do some research to ensure that purchasing in quantity is both affordable and straightforward. Take advantage of your wholesaler’s bulk pricing by following this easy approach for purchasing inexpensive polo shirts.

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