Benefits and Features of Praxis EMR

Benefits and Features of Praxis EMR

As an EMR that learns your work style, Praxis EMR enables you to practice medicine more efficiently, more easily, and with higher quality. Learn more about Praxis’ benefits and features below. You may want to consider using the software for your practice. It can save you time and money. Praxis’ features include:

Knowledge Exchanger

The Knowledge Exchanger in Praxis EMR is a powerful tool that helps physicians benefit from the knowledge of their colleagues. Using the Knowledge Exchanger allows practitioners to tap into external databases and learn the software much faster. It also allows doctors to share and access knowledge from specialists in their specialty. It also helps physicians learn Praxis in less time.

The Knowledge Exchanger in Praxis is an intelligent tool that remembers every detail about a patient’s health. It uses three dimensions to remember a patient’s condition and recommends the same reminders for patients with similar conditions. It can also recommend different reminders based on a patient’s history.

The Knowledge Exchanger is an important tool in any EMR system. It can be used for patient education and can help doctors share best practices. It also allows practices to improve patient relationships. Because it is a patient-facing tool, it helps physicians protect their practice from legal liability. Patients can also use it to perform their everyday tasks.

Another useful feature in Praxis is the ability to send instructions or questionnaires to patients at preset times. By setting up a timer, Praxis can send the right questions to the right patient at the right time. This allows physicians to avoid micro-managing forms that are not appropriate for every patient.

Intelligent Practice Advisories

The AI-powered Intelligent Practice Advisories in Praxis EMR can make your medical practice more efficient. This AI-driven solution uses machine learning to monitor your use of the software and adapt to your practices’ unique needs. Its templates aren’t pre-defined, and instead, allow you to customize the software based on your practice’s requirements. This also allows you to share your knowledge and experience with your team.

The AI features in the Praxis EMR eliminate the need for pre-structured theoretical text cases and pre-set catalogs of patients, diagnoses, and treatments. The AI uses classification to identify similarities in similar patient cases. In addition, the system provides you with up-to-date medical guidance and treatment protocols.

The Intelligent Practice Advisories in Praxis EMR are intelligent messengers that learn from the practices of users and trigger timely reminders. They are linked with patient data and assessments to provide relevant information to your patients. They also learn from previous cases and program themselves according to the specific needs of your practice.

Moreover, it helps you communicate with your patients like a human, thus boosting your bedside manner. In fact, many doctors consider Praxis EMR to be the best EHR for specific specialties. This system is available for an affordable monthly fee. You can start with a trial version for as little as $349. However, you’ll need to decide on your practice’s needs and number of users.

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Patient-Provider Portal

The praxis EMR Patient-Provider portal enables you to manage patient information online. You can easily add and delete patient records and assign special privileges to specific users. The portal helps you keep your patients’ health information confidential. It also helps you easily manage your appointments, patient data, and billing information.

The portal makes it easy for you and your patients to communicate with each other. Your patients can view their own medical records, including their current vitals and lab results. They can also update their login information and health insurance information. They can also view and download forms and documents and access health education materials.

The Praxis EMR Patient-Provider Portal is designed to help practices improve patient relationships. With this tool, physicians can empower patients to perform daily tasks and keep their records updated. It also protects practitioners from legal liability. The Praxis EMR Patient-Provider Portal has many other features that make it an ideal solution for healthcare providers.

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The intuitive user interface and AI engine of the Praxis EMR Patient-Provider Portal makes it easy to navigate and manage patient health records. It also allows doctors to customize their charts and save time. The system also learns and improves as the user uses it.

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