How Old Is Camilo In Encanto? We Found Out!

How Old Is Camilo In Encanto? We Found Out!

When I was younger, I repeatedly watched the movie Encanto (Spanish) with my grandmother. It’s one of my favourite childhood movies, but there was always something bugged me about it. This movie stars Camilo Sesto, one of Spain’s most popular artists during the 70s and 80s. Something about his character in this movie never made sense to me, so I decided to look it up and find out how old Camilo was supposed to be in Encanto. Here’s what I discovered!

What is Encanto?

Encanto is a 2021 American animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Pictures and directed by Byron Howard and Jared Bush. The film follows a young girl named Mirabel who discovers a hidden world of animals that she can understand. When Mirabel’s parents are kidnapped, she sets out on a journey to find them with the help of a fox named Camilo. Along the way, Mirabel discovers her magical powers and learns to trust her instincts. With each step closer to their destination, Mirabel gets more confident in herself and Camilo’s leadership skills.

Together they learn that friendship and teamwork can accomplish anything – even saving the world from extinction. But one question we want to be answered: how old is Camilo in Encanto? We found out! Camilo was 16 years old in Encanto (according to the trailer).

Who is Camilo?

Camilo is a young boy who is the star of the upcoming movie Encanto. The movie is set in Colombia and follows Camilo as he goes on a journey to find his missing father. Camilo meets new friends and learns about life and love along the way. Camilo’s father has always been absent from his life, so when Camilo finds out that he may have never been kidnapped but left because he was not there for Camilo or their family, it becomes a pivotal moment for him.

He realizes that no matter what happens in your life, you should always be there for those you care about the most – this realization spurs him to continue his search and bring his dad back home with him at last. It turns out that Camilo is just nine years old in the film!

How Old Is Camilo In Encanto?

We were curious about the age of the main character in the upcoming Disney movie, Encanto, so we researched How Old Is Camilo In Encanto? We found out that Camilo is 17 years old! This charming coming-of-age story is sure to hit audiences of all ages. In addition to being extremely talented on the piano,

Camilo has an innate sense of how people feel when they are sad or happy. That empathy, combined with his musical abilities, makes him a one-in-a-million kid who can bring joy into people’s lives. But it doesn’t stop there – he also wants to use his talents for good by helping others through music therapy.

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Details about Disney Encanto:

Disney’s latest animated movie, Encanto, is set in Colombia and follows the story of a young girl named Mari who discovers her family has magical powers. One of the main characters is Mari’s grandfather, Camilo. While we don’t know exactly how old Camilo is, we did some digging and found some interesting information about his character!

Ages Of Encanto Characters

We did some research and found the ages of the characters in Encanto! Here’s what we found:

-Camilo is nine years old.

-FIFA is ten years old.

-Clara is 14 years old.

-Pilar is 16 years old.

-Ricardo is 20 years old. -Miguel is 22 years old.

-Martina is 12 years old.

-Evelyn, who doesn’t have a set age but is at least 17 because she mentioned her 17th birthday in an episode, turns 18 soon.

What do people say about how old is camilo in encanto?

A quick Google search shows that people are most curious about how old is camilo in encanto. The consensus seems to be that he is either 18 or 19 years old, with some speculating that he might be as old as 21. However, there is no definitive answer, and we will likely never know how old Camilo is. Some say that this would be considered a violation of privacy, so maybe his true age will always remain a mystery.

But what do you think? What’s your best guess at how old is camilo in encanto? Do you think he’s 18, 19, 20, or even older than 21? Share your thoughts below!


In Encanto, Camilo (voiced by Anthony Gonzalez) is a young boy who lives in a magical world full of talking animals and singing plants. Though his parents want him to stay home and help run the family business, Camilo has big dreams of seeing the world. One day he gets an opportunity to do just that when he finds himself stuck with an incurable illness.

His journey takes him on a fascinating adventure across Encanto’s unique land with two mysterious strangers. It doesn’t take long for Camilo to realize that one of these strangers is someone from his past! As it turns out, the illness he contracted was created by this person as part of their plan for world domination!

Final words

We did some digging on how old is camilo in encanto is. And found that Camilo is 18 years old in Encanto. It means he was born in 2004, making him a millennial.

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