An Introduction to Astrological Planets & Other Heavenly Bodies 

An Introduction to Astrological Planets & Other Heavenly Bodies 

The stars in the sky! Man is always intrigued by the stars and other heavenly bodies far in the sky. The Greeks noticed that some specks of light were stationary while some changed their position with time. The static lights were the stars, and those that moved the Greeks called them as star planets, meaning wandering stars. 

Use chat with astrologers to learn that earlier astrologers studied them, their position, and their movement and saw the great significance of these planets in our lives. 

Try astro chat to learn how astrology considers that planets and stars in our solar system have a bearing on our lives. You may wonder how anybody, for example, Neptune, 2.7 billion miles away from Earth, can affect our lives. All objects in the universe belong to a common energy field, one energy field. Any happening in one corner of the universe radiates to the other corner and affects things in some manner. 

But do these planets affect us on a personal level? Yes, right from birth, the planets affect and influence our personality. They, their position, and their movement can bring about unexpected changes in our lives. Each in the birth chart represents one aspect of our nature and links to one zodiac sign. Each of us has a unique birth chart depending upon the place of each planet and constellation in the sky at the point of birth. 

Online chat with astrologers will educate you that everything is interrelated in the universe. Everything, including humans, has its energy, and the energy fields interact continuously. Also, astrology reiterates that patterns, relationships, and events repeat throughout the universe. For example, the electrons moving around a nucleus in an atom is similar to the planets revolving around a star. The attraction between the elements holds them together in their respective energy systems. Modern astrology studies the movement of planets and their relation with each other. It then draws analogies to the events and lives of people on Earth.  

Planets in Ancient Astrology

In earlier days, people believed that the planets were divine beings and considered them sacred. The Greeks and the Romans gave the planets their name. They associated every planet with a specific god. The Greek goddess of love and beauty, goddess Aphrodite is associated with the planet Venus. As per Roman mythology, as the name directly suggests, the goddess Venus is associated with the same planet. Modern astrology still retains the influence of this ancient association in its interpretation of the planets. 

Role of Planets in Modern Astrology 

Though ancient knowledge and beliefs are still the strong roots of modern astrology, it has evolved with time as our understanding of life and the universe has developed. Chat to an astrologer to learn how the planets relate and influence the psyche of a person- a person’s innate drive and impulse. Each planet, its movement through the 12 zodiac signs, and its relationship with other planets, influence a person’s thoughts, beliefs, and actions.  

The planets belong to the solar system (energy system) and relate to each other as a part of it. As they move from one position to another in the solar system, the angles formed between them and the other planets change. The angles so formed are called aspects. The manifestation of energy in the two bodies also changes with the change in aspect. 

The Ethereal Stage 

Consider space as an ethereal or celestial stage. Scientific studies have shown that the cosmos is witness to great drama every second, with galaxies whirling and racing through space at tremendous, inconceivable speed. It may also sometimes result in these bodies colliding with one another or a star exploding. While you have this high-voltage drama happening, it has a stark contradiction that the order and beauty of the universe are always well maintained. As astrology puts it, every event in the ethereal stage is related to one in our lives.  

Use Astro chat, and consult an astrologer to find how the effect of planets changes as they move from one zodiac sign to the other. Jupiter in Aries will have a different impact from Jupiter in Sagittarius. Also, Jupiter in the first part of Aries differs from Jupiter in the last or middle. 

Each planet, its unique characteristics, influences the personality of a person. They determine the good and bad faces, the conscious and the unconscious behaviour. Try online jyotish to understand the planets’ personality aspect. With its help, you can understand, control and manage the traits, behaviour, and actions you exhibit. It, in turn, will bring the necessary change in your life and help you succeed in different walks of life. 

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