Explainer and other marketing videos use whiteboard animation, a technique optimal for displaying complex ideas. Typically, an artist creates images and characters on a whiteboard organized frame by frame and displayed in a continuous motion. However, this kind of animation requires high artistic talents; you must invest time and effort to develop it.

Fortunately, you can make whiteboard animations by using different tools and software. You can start with outlining; focus on the content, what message you want to convey and how? Then you can create a storyboard and decide on the animation style. In this phase, you can add characters, colors, and expressions to engage the audience.

Next, you must ready your tools and set up your filming location. You can use a dry-erase board, foam board, or large sheets of white paper for creating animations. Once you’ve decided on the medium, set up the lights and camera. Lastly, draw and film your whiteboard animation.

Using Whiteboard Animation Software

A company needs to use appropriate software to build effective and targeted whiteboard videos.

Previously, it was difficult for individuals to create an animation, especially if they lacked expertise or artistic abilities. But with the advent of whiteboard animation software, it has become relatively easy. Videos designed through software are likelier to stick in the viewers’ minds than verbose descriptions.

Whiteboard software is used to produce high-quality whiteboard animation videos in quick time.

Making whiteboard animation videos is simple and enjoyable, especially with the drag-and-drop tool and a user-friendly interface. Draw or import images, sketches, music, and video through this software. Apart from that, you can also enjoy a library full of interactive media files.

Digital marketers use whiteboard animation software to relate stories and promote a good or service. The application is used to create an inventive and captivating animated film to improve leads and sales. While students of all ages can produce an animated whiteboard movie for projects and reports, teachers frequently use whiteboard software to create entertaining videos to carry out their lectures. This application can also be used by freelancers, HR departments, non-profit organizations, and graphic designers.

Whiteboard Animation – A Successful Practice  

Whiteboard animation videos can increase your website’s conversion rate. According to a study from Unbounce, you can have a 20% boost in page views. Another research concludes that 64% of Internet users make an online purchase after watching a video. After watching a film about a company, more than half of high-level leadership stated they would be inclined to look them up online. All these stats hint toward quick success and recognition for businesses.

Use Whiteboard Animation Software like a Pro

There are several things to consider while looking for the best whiteboard animation software. It’s crucial to consider how the software will fit your company’s needs and standards and its cost, customization options, and other features.


A whiteboard software comes with different pricing options. It can be as low as $5/month to a peak price of $500/month. These prices are based on different aspects, such as the software’s features, the technology used, the location of developers, and more.


The user’s capacity to make specific customizations play a significant role in using whiteboard animation software. Users should be allowed to alter uploaded photos, characters, text, colors, backgrounds, layouts, and other elements for maximum creativity.


Many software programs feature a sizable media library with backgrounds, hand styles, audio tracks, and photos to support their use. Suppose you’ve just started with whiteboard animation. In that case, the software with a bigger media collection might suit your needs in a better way and enable you to produce compelling videos.

Technical Support

Having customer service and technical support at your disposal is beneficial for your animation

software. Make sure your subscription includes assistance and a guide for easy use.

List of Top Whiteboard Animation Software

You may require a whiteboard animation movie if you are a business owner. Movies made with

whiteboard animation are excellent for capturing attention and making a point, whether used for a product launch, script, or marketing campaign. Here are a few whiteboard animation applications to help create personable animated videos!

  • Doodly
  • Animaker
  • VideoScribe
  • Moovly
  • Animatron Studio
  • Vyond
  • My Simple Show
  • TruScribe
  • Camtasia
  • Renderforest
  • PowToon
  • Explaindio
  • Easy Sketch Pro
  • Adobe Animate CC
  • RawShorts
  • VideoMakerFX


Here’s a quick run-down on creating a successful whiteboard animation video:

  • Limit the duration of the video to 60 to 90 seconds.
  • Use only pertinent pictures.
  • Make sure the videos don’t move too quickly.
  • Use a voice actor with experience.
  • Add an interesting story and animated characters
  • Insert emotions


A whiteboard animation video would complement your website, social media posts, and even newsletters. A useful and feature-rich whiteboard animation software will give your business the best possible start for marketing, educational, or social purposes.

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