Top 10 Free Photo Editor Apps in Mobile 2022

Top 10 Free Photo Editor Apps in Mobile 2022

In this era of social media, the need of Free Photo Editor Apps is increasing. This is the reason why people often keep searching for some of the best Free Photo Editor Apps on the Google Play Store or on the Internet.

That’s why we have brought the answer to this question for you guys in this article.

By the way, many Pad and free apps are available on the Google Play Store. But apart from pad apps, there are many free apps that are great for photo editing.

So let’s know friends about these 10 Free Android Photo Editor Apps 2022.

  1. Canva: Free Photo Editor Apps

If you are looking for Free Photo Editor Apps then Canva can be a great option for you.

Because on this you can design Facebook Post, Instagram story, logo design, YouTube thumbnails and poster along with photo editing.

However, in Canva, you get its basic features for free. But if you want to work professionally then you can also buy its pad version.

In which you get to use people with many great features for editing. We as Canada visa consultant in Lahore believes in sincerity

  1. Photo Editor – Polish

This app was released on 23 April 2018 on Google Play Store. Since then this app has been a great app for photo editing or Digital Marketing Agency.

Photo editor – On the polish app, you get to see many great features for photo editing. The most important thing about this app is that it is very easy to do photo editing on it.

If we talk about the popularity of this app, then it has been downloaded more than 100 million times on Google Play Store.

You get these apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

  1. Picsart Photo and Video Editor

Now the most important thing about the Free Photo Editor Apps that we are telling you people is that here you can do video editing in addition to photo editing.

You will be surprised to know that this photo editor app has been downloaded more than 500 million times on Google Play Store.

On this app, you get many pictures, text formats, stickers and templates for photo editing, from which you can make your photo editing even better.

On Picsart, you can change the background of the photo as well as bring 3D effect to it.

  1. Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editor

This is a free photo editing app created by Adobe company which was launched on 14 January 2015.

Here you can do many great experiments with photos. Another special thing about adobe lightroom is that the features used for photo editing in it are very easy.

Here you also get a library to save photos in which photos can be easily saved.

Due to its great features and good quality, it has been downloaded more than 100 million times on the Google Play Store and has got a rating of 4.4.

  1. B612 Cemera & Photo / Video Editor

If you are looking for a good Video Editor App along with Free Photo Editor Apps, then B612 app fulfills all these shortcomings.

This app is updated frequently, due to which here you get the stars, templates, layouts and beautiful makeup effects related to the trending topics.

On B612 apps, you get free features for all types of movement. Apart from photo and video editing, you can also use this app to take great selfies.

By the way, many free features are available for photo editing and video editing on this app. But if you want to use more of its best features then you can also buy its pro version.

This app has been downloaded more than 500 million times on the Google Play Store.

  1. Snapseed: Free Photo Editor Apps

Now the best free photo editor app ‘snapseed’ we are telling you about does not have any pro version, it is absolutely free app.

Because this app has been developed by Google company. Although in this app you do not get to see more features than other apps, but its quality is very good, due to which it is used a lot.

If you want to edit professional and quality level photos then you must use this app.

It has more than 29 tools and many filters that make the photo professional. You can save the photo once deleted only in JPG format.

  1. Photoshop Express: Free Photo Editor Apps

This Photoshop Express is also a photo editor app made by adobe company which you get in both free and premium version.

Yes, if you want to edit photos on Photo Shop, then you can edit with its basic feature.

Apart from this, if you buy its premium version, which also gives many good features for editing in it. Although if seen, the quality of photos on Photoshop Express is quite good, but its basic features are not much special compared to other applications.

But even after all this, many people use Photoshop Express. It has been downloaded more than 100 million times on the Google Play Store.

  1. Remini – AI Photo Inhancer

Remini – AI Enhancer is one of the most favorite apps for photo editing. On this app, you can also edit the old photo in a very great way and make it attractive.

In this, very great features are available for blurring the photo and for editing. Along with editing the photo in a better way, here you can also make the selfie quite attractive.

Although in this app also you get some free features as well as pad features which you can use if you want.

Let us tell you that this app has been downloaded more than 50 million times on the Android Play Store.

  1. Photo Editor – World

If you want to make your photo very stylish and effective then you must use this app.

In Lumii app you get more than 100 effects free which is great for photo editing. It is very easy to do photo editing on this app.

For this, you can directly import the photo from the gallery and edit it easily.

Although this app has got 10 million Download of the film as compared to other photo editor. But it has got a rating of 4.4 which makes it very special.

  1. Collage Maker | Photo Editor

In this list, we have included Collage Maker Photo Editor because in this you people get more free features than all the above apps.

With which you can edit your photo in a better way.

In the app you get more than 100 layouts, Freestyle Mood, Filters, Emoji & Sticker and many good background effects. This app, available for Android and OS operating systems, can be used in both free and pad versions.

Let us tell you that this app has got 100 minion downloads on Google Play with 4.8 rating.

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