How to Apply for a Sri Lanka Visa from Australia?

How to Apply for a Sri Lanka Visa from Australia?

Australia is one of many nations whose residents can obtain a Sri Lankan visa from Australia at the airport. You can complete the application procedure totally online and receive your results in as little as 30 minutes. However, before leaving as an Australian, you must obtain a Sri Lanka visa for Australian citizens. Nearly all nations’ passport holders must obtain a Sri Lankan ETA before traveling there. Visa to Sri Lanka for Australians can swiftly and easily obtain authorization to go to Sri Lanka by applying for an ETA online, in accordance with the Sri Lanka ETA visa regulations.

Do citizens of Australia need a visa for Sri Lanka?

To travel to Sri Lanka, Australians require a visa to Sri Lanka for Australians. The ETA for this is (Electronic Travel Authorization). A traveler can enter Sri Lanka using an ETA, a digital “e-visa,” without having to go to an embassy or consulate in their home country. The new (2012) ETA electronic visa system does not require applicants to be in their home country at the time of application. This indicates that Australians can obtain their visas for Sri Lanka from anywhere, including Australia. Online completion of the basic ETA procedure is possible. If you’re looking for a simple approach to obtaining an electronic Sri Lanka visa for Australian citizens as well as a tone of other details for Australians and other countries.

Sri Lanka ETA visa types for Australians

Three different forms of Sri Lankan travel authorizations (ETAs) are available for Australian nationals who are considering visiting that country and fulfill all Sri Lanka visa requirements for Australians:

·         The most popular ETA Sri Lanka visa for Australian citizens is the Tourist ETA, which is valid for a total of 180 days after it is issued. This does not imply that the passenger may stay 180 days in Sri Lanka because the ETA is only good for 30 days after arrival. The tourist ETA permits up to two different entries as long as the second entry occurs within the first 30 days.

·         In addition, the Business ETA is good for 180 days after it is issued. The duration of each entry into Sri Lanka visa for Australian passport holders must be no longer than 30 days for a traveller with a business ETA. An additional 20 days of stay in Sri Lanka are permitted under the business ETA before a new visa is needed. The 30-day Sri Lanka tourist and business entry visas give you two entries each. This means that after landing in Sri Lanka with your ETA, you are permitted to leave the country and return there at a later time during the 30-day visa period without having to reapply.

·         From the date of issuance, the Transit ETA is valid for 180 days. However, under no circumstances is the transit ETA bearer permitted to leave the airport. The transit ETA permits visitors to remain in the airport terminal for up to 48 hours; however, they must depart for their subsequent trip before two days have expired.

The process for applying e visa for a Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan ETA website is where applicants can submit an online application for a Sri Lanka visa for Australian citizens. Since all visa costs are in United States Dollars ($USD), the latter option is convenient for people who would rather use PayPal to securely pay than their credit card. If using a credit card to make the payment, keep in mind to account for the foreign transaction and exchange fees. Regardless matter which option you select, the procedure entails completing an online form and uploading digital copies of your passport. The entire procedure is simple to understand. As costs are not refundable, just be sure to submit the right information.

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