Role of Public Relations in the Healthcare Industry

Role of Public Relations in the Healthcare Industry

The field of public relations isn’t a rosy history of success. People think it’s filled with clever devils who have one goal: to coax, manipulate and fool their clients.

If you think this could be true, it couldn’t be any further from the truth. This group of professionals in public relations is what we call “unprofessional.”

There’s more to the field of public relations than just changing public perceptions and making things appear good for the public. We’re not “spin doctors.”

Many characteristics define a successful PR professional. Of course, great writing abilities and outstanding communication skills are crucial to a successful career in PR and other fields. Still, three aspects appear to be essential and more than others. They form the basis of all PR enthusiasts.

Take a moment to ask yourself if you are displaying these traits, and then what could be done to understand these traits.

Relationship Builder

Before all else in determining whether someone has what is required to be successful in the field of public relations, I decide whether or not they can build strong connections with people. That is, are you a “relationship builder?”

Do you, for instance, notice yourself adding people to your list or crossing them off? Do you feel like they are confident in you? Do you think you have the confidence to do business with them?

These answers will give you the complete picture of what you’re doing with this particular issue.

One of the most common misconceptions within the PR community is that you must be an extrovert to be considered relevant. Though the door might be opened to more social types, the world of public relations is vast, and every person has a role in it.

Extroverts have strengths that introverts aren’t, or vice the reverse. Keep this in mind when creating relationships with others.

Today, public relations is an area where networking, which is the process of creating connections with individuals and avenues that provide future opportunities with these people, is essential.

Everyone whom you speak to, regardless of when or where you meet with them, is capable of becoming a long-term relationship and resource. It is vital to ensure that your interactions with people you meet are positive and that you leave the door open to future communications.

Who could be sure? Who you talked to during your commute today might be a potential colleague or maybe even your manager. Make every conversation as if it’s essential.

Information Grabber

It is said that the most knowledgeable individual in the room would be the one who has read the newspaper this morning. In public relations, it is the truth.

You must be aware every day of local, national, and international news and how they affect your current customers and your business.

In addition, you are well-versed in various subjects (i.e., economics, politics, business and entertainment, sports arts and culture, and more.) will help ensure that you are capable of providing something worthwhile to both your business and your customer and could even avoid serious mistakes being made.

Being an information snatcher doesn’t mean being involved in rumors or gossip. They can be deceiving and, at times, harmful.

In other words, being a suitable information seeker implies that you are interested in learning and reading the news online or in print is a regular part of your daily routine.

Honest Abe

The third method is the most important. Being honest and transparent seems like an easy choice. “Of course I am going to be honest,” you may be thinking or declaring out loud. “I’d lose clients if I was dishonest,” or “I would go out of business,” might be among the other thoughts you’re mulling over.

The issue is that the way to do this isn’t always easy. Of course, honesty and trustworthiness are straightforward, but being able to do it in certain circumstances isn’t clear as it seems.

The majority of the decisions a PR professional must make can involve two different scenarios. The first one is that it is based on financial gain. Typically, it can lead to immediate results. However, it could be unprofessional (i.e., publishing untrue information or promoting products that aren’t secure).

While the potential rewards could be great if you go on this path, the long-term consequences could be disastrous to a name or business.

The other scenario is one, although it’s not necessarily the most beautiful or the easiest to implement, opting for the more difficult option-and having integrity even if it means missing out on the more significant rewards.

Looking at the larger picture when you make important decisions is essential. It cannot be easy, but it’s crucial to the solidity and reliability of your company.

If necessary, a primary and easy way to determine whether a decision is honest is to consider whether the decision you’re considering is acceptable to carry before your parents. If not, it isn’t the best choice for your business or your customers.

Lay Your Foundation

Public relations has more professionals who have decided to incorporate these three methods into daily routines. Communications efforts for organizations would be more effective, and the field could get the recognition and respect it desperately requires.

A public relations professional within your company is a significant player. Don’t be taking your job as a given. If you establish your foundation using these three strategies and build it up, you are performing the realm of PR as well as the entire world in a tremendous favor.

Rhett Ahlander studies Communication at Utah Valley University. He is expected to graduate in April 2016 with a bachelor’s degree. He will start his master’s degree in advertising and public relations in the fall at DePaul University in Chicago. When Rhett isn’t working, his passion is writing, playing soccer, or trying new restaurants. To learn more about Rhett, and to follow his story, visit

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