Open Auto Transport

Open Auto Transport

What Is Open Auto Transport?

Tempus Logix provides this type of car shipping service as a way to transport cars. As the standard method of transporting vehicles in bulk from one city to another and from one state to another, open trucking is generally considered a cost-effective service and the most common type of automobile transportation nationwide. It can transport almost any type of vehicle either by driving or by towing a trailer.
Open vehicle carriers come in various sizes. By comparing open car transport and closed car shipping from a financial point of view, we find that the first one is much more economical and therefore – more affordable. As a car transportation solution, open engine racks can be a safe and affordable way to try them out.
Another crucial thing to consider is that this transport option is often easier and faster to organize and implement compared to enclosed car shipping. Therefore, a fast and cost-effective way of transporting such a trailer saves time and money.

What are the main types of car carriers?

Single-car trailers are an incredibly productive solution for transporting cars over short distances. They are small and their comfort allows them to pass through narrow roads and hard access roads. However, this type of car transporter can be quite expensive if the driving distance is long.

Single-level multi-car trailers are popular among hot people. They can carry two to five cars and are suitable for long and short distances. The loading and unloading time is shorter than the third type of trailer on our list. Double-level multicar trailers are the most common types of tractors in the automotive industry. Double-deckers are able to transport up to nine cars.

What are the advantages of open car transport?

The three main advantages of open car Shipping include, but are not limited to:

Be affordable (affordable) for vehicle transportation,
Potential for increased capacity
Be safe and fast.

How much does Open Auto Transport cost?

Prices depend on various factors, such as the distance, the car transport company you deal with or the type of vehicle being transported. Seasons also affect the price. However, as the predominant mode of vehicle transport, open road transport is inherently cost-effective. Please fill in your car details in our online calculator to get an estimate. If you have questions about the price, you can also write or call us.

Advantages of Open Vehicle Transportation

Open car transport is a form of car transport where your vehicle remains in the open during transport. Currently, this is the most widespread way of transporting vehicles. Statistics indicate that approximately 90% of cars are transported by these means. We will highlight the advantages of open car transport, so you will have a clearer idea why this mode of transport is so popular. Kinocki

The cheapest way to transport your vehicle

Open car transport is the cheapest way to transport your vehicle. This is the main reason why people choose this mode of transport. Unlike a closed car, open car transport is available to most. If you are transporting a standard car, meaning it is not an old-fashioned or racing car, this is the best choice for you.


Since these carriers can handle 12 cars at a time, open trucking services are significantly easier to hire than closed trucking. This makes the whole organization of the process much easier, especially when it comes to booking. There is no need to plan months in advance to transport your vehicle.

Precisely because it is an open carrier, the size of your vehicle doesn’t matter, meaning no matter how tall or long your car is, it will fit on the carrier.

A very safe way to transport your car

Even though the vehicles are not covered (literally) in transit, it is still a very safe way to transport your car. Carriers have mechanisms that secure your car to the carrier so it is safe from any movement during transport. In addition, companies that offer open car transport services also offer insurance for your vehicle. This way, you are completely covered should the car be damaged, although we must add that these cases are extremely rare.

If you have a luxury car and you are concerned that some damage might occur, you can opt for a single level carrier. These carriers have a smaller capacity than double-decker carriers and are used for shorter distances.

It is very easy for our drivers to check the condition and safety of your car with a single glance in the rearview mirror. It is also possible for them to stop briefly and check the car thoroughly. This is a big advantage over the transport of closed cars.

Fastest delivery truck to destination

Open car transport ensures the fastest delivery to the desired destination. The main reason for this is the fact that it can carry up to 12 vehicles, so there is no need to make extra rounds, which would waste time. In addition, carriers that transport vehicles in the open are significantly lighter than closed car carriers, which also speeds up their journey. The fact that they are lighter also means that they use less fuel, which will positively affect the price of your transport, making it much cheaper.

Without stress

Transporting your vehicle can be a stressful job if you decide to do it yourself. This is especially true for long distances. With Vehicle Haul you avoid this possibility; you hand over the responsibility and the task to professionals who will do the work for you consciously and efficiently. The time you would spend transporting your vehicle can be spent with family and friends.

Plus, if you hire a company to take care of transporting your car, you don’t have to lose your job, which would mean losing money.

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