Increasing Educator Access to Assessment Data with the EdFi Dashboard 

For teachers and school administrators to successfully help students in their learning process, they require access to real-time data on educational evaluation. Schools all over the country use a virtual dashboard to make it easier for teachers to access important data and gain insights that enable earlier interventions with K–12 kids who might need extra support.

The integrated assessment dashboard of the edfi dashboard guide supports Edfi Education’s commitment to promoting tailored instruction that deepens the learning process.  Educators can access all students’ historical, current, and predictive data using Ed-Fi Powered Dashboards. Ed-Fi Powered Dashboards can be used by teachers to monitor academic progress and attend to students’ needs all through the school year. 

Understand Ed-Fi: 

The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation funded the Ed-Fi Alliance’s development. Ed-Fi integrates educational data systems easily and safely. Ed-Fi equips educators and school administrators with a comprehensive view of many types of student data. The core, as it is known, was created by Ed-Fi Alliance and made available to the community for free with Ed-Fi licenses. EDFI broadens and improves that platform to satisfy a client’s needs. 

Dashboards for Ed-Fi: 

  • Chris Moffatt, Technology Director, Ed-Fi Alliance, stated, “Ed-Fi Dashboards have emerged as a crucial asset that local and state educational agencies have implemented to bring meaningful data into the hands of teachers and administrators.” 
  • The user-friendly interface of Ed-Fi Dashboards gives instructors a comprehensive picture of students’ performance based on their data.
  • A lot of the information, such as attendance, grades, conduct, credits, transcripts, etc., is obtained from the SIS suppliers.
  • EDFI has improved the dashboard to load and display data from State Assessments, Local Assessments, and College and Career Readiness.
  • The dashboards provide data in almost real-time so that personnel may assist their student population with the most recent information. 

How it Benefits:  

Without a unified repository or reporting system, it was challenging for educators to interpret the evaluation of data from many sources before the dashboard.

This made it more difficult for teachers to offer immediate assistance to students.

Another obstacle was: 

  • Awaiting the conclusion of testing windows to collect data from each assessment vendor;
  • Establishing an analysis-ready format for the data; and
  • Distributing this knowledge to every teacher or school. 

To address these problems, schools and education institutions collaborated with the Ed-Fi Alliance to develop the dashboard, which compiles information from the district’s student data system and several major assessment suppliers. Teachers can access real-time data from the district’s primary assessment providers through the dashboard, which uses the Ed-Fi Operational Data Store.

By converting data into insights that facilitate teachers’ instruction, students’ learning, and schools’ success, the dashboards link the data from beginning to end.  It enables teachers at all levels to utilize the dashboard in several ways. School administrators use the dashboard to achieve their overarching learning objectives, such as interventions to find students who require additional support or enrichment.

To provide students with more individualized education, teachers use the dashboard to identify patterns and trends in their classrooms at grade and subject levels. 

Ed-Fi Dashboard Guide and Training:

A team from Ed-Fi handles the dashboard system training. They collaborate with school districts to deliver specific Ed-Fi dashboard training, which includes in-person instruction and training videos.

They also offer instructors professional development training on the Ed-Fi dashboards. 

This enables educators to manage student data, assist learners in acquiring greater education and knowledge to get better marks and guide learners in the appropriate route for their future endeavors. 

Ed-Fi Support to Schools and Education Institutes:

Ed-Fi Tech has a specialized team to provide customer support for its clients’ Ed-Fi user base. The team works closely with districts to help them set up their Ed-Fi products and guarantee that the data released from the School Information System (SIS) into the Ed-Fi data systems are current and functional. 

The Edfi Visual dashboard is advancing data usage among educators by building on the district’s data-driven culture. To make the dashboard as impactful as feasible, officials at education institutes want to add more data points in the future and alter the user interface in response to user feedback.

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