How Can a Weak Student Improve Assessments Performance?

How Can a Weak Student Improve Assessments Performance?

There is no such thing as a widespread IQ because everyone has unique abilities. Some students may be able to grab quickly and hold on for an extended period of time. Others’ selection capability is limited. Every active and inactive student attends a company, college, or university. The teacher and university lecturer are supposed to look out for everyone based on their personal preferences. It is critical to pay special attention to weak or slow learners. If a student is weak, he or she will be unable to respond.

Even the brightest students frequently underperform academically. The reason for this is that students frequently feel stuck in a rut and are unsure how to proceed. If this describes you, you’ll need to figure out why you’re underperforming and then figure out how to fix it. For those who are unsure how to proceed, this article explains how to create an improvement plan that will assist you in meeting your objectives.

For Shaky Students, Here are Some Tips to help them:

The First Step is to Think:

Educators! The more you consider your students’ specific weaknesses and strengths, the better you will be able to guide them. Recognize the underlying issue. It will be something at the time, whether it is friends, family, the environment, food, hygiene, health, or a community event.

Analyses of Psychology:

Academically stressed young people are more likely to create mental disorders. If the inquiry is correct, it will be possible to determine why students are not concentrating as much on their studies. If the condition cannot be cured, psychiatrists must be consulted.


As a result of not grasping the previous lesson, weak students cannot comprehend a lesson properly. This will be facilitated by individual instruction.

 Support and Encouragement:

A weak child may be discouraged by serious sentence or criticism. It may become challenging for him to express his concerns. Take note of the strengths of the vulnerable students and encourage them. The key word here is assurance. It will give him/her a sense of worth and significance.

The Schedule:

Ascertain that the weak student has a proper schedule. Students exhibit no maturity. They make mistakes by failing to follow the goal of reviewing well and earning good grades. They’ll be able to divide their available time into different slots, allowing them to complete each topic, make revisions, and take exams. To achieve the goal, it is essential to do what is reasonable at the appropriate time.

The Recall Process:

We all have a tendency to forget things and incidents. The probability of forgetting some things is higher than the probability of forgetting others. Students who are easily distracted should be given additional attention so that they remember what they need to do and do not lose confidence in themselves. It will be feasible to solve the problem by repeatedly revising the same chapter and responding to the same query. Trying to assist with mock tests is also advantageous.

Memory Improvement:

Numerous students struggle to remember everything they need for exams, which affects their grades. To keep up with all of the knowledge you need to learn across multiple subjects, you will need to arm yourself with some efficient memory aids that will help you stay organised. More tips on improving your memory can be found in our article on memory techniques for exam preparation.

Coaching on an Individual Basis:

It is obvious that sensible students are capable of moving. In this case, lecturers pay more attention to students who are in good health. It is also critical to look after the weaker students who have a personal preference for their tutors. By demonstrating pleasant and polite behaviour with individual care, it is possible to boost students’ boldness and firmness, and the less sensible students will return to school with excellent grades in the future.

Mock Tests:

Weak students can learn more about probable questions and answers by taking small tests on 2 to 3 chapters after they have finished teaching them. All doubts will be removed by lecturers if they remain.

Tuition that is not Public,

However, some students need individual coaching outside the college hours, even though they don’t have to pay additional dollars. The relaxed aspects of below-average students can be improved with a few hours of tuition.

It’s Not, Okay to Tease:

Students who are mocked in front of the entire category will lose motivation. Bullying the non-sense students causes the above-average students to crumble from within. All scholars in the category should be encouraged to be equal and to form relationships.

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