How to create friendship Shayari 2 line:

How to create friendship Shayari 2 line:

Here are the primitive guidelines for writing friendship Shayari 2 lines, you have to concentrate on these tips for the excellent outcome of your friendship poem. Also, you can go through real examples of poems written by famous poets for your reference. So, you may get some ideas about the phrase and the structure of a typical poem. While analyzing the examples, you can create an authentic and attractive friendship Shayari 2 line. You should compare and contrast the example to look at which ones you may prefer or feel will fit better with your subject matter. 

To get a better sense of writing poems, you should think like a poet, when you write your poem with a simple sentence structure it looks like a normal paragraph. For making your poem more authentic style, you should make use of phrases, and rhyming words, that are suitable for the situation or describe your friend’s peculiar character. Here are some of the tips for writing, friendship Shayari 2 lines. 

Guidelines for writing a friendship poem:

First, take note of our friends’ physical and sensory descriptions. And elaborate it using phrases and rhyming words. Moreover, focus on your friend’s physical appearance, and describe it in your poem like your friend’s voice, eye color, hair color, and her out styling. Along with this, you mention the catchphrase you both often use when you’re in funny mode and funny things she often does.

Think about the significant moment, and a good time you had with your friend, describe that scene in your poem. Which makes it simple on your friend’s face when he/she reads it? In addition, you should have mentioned both positive and negative memories undergone by you both, such as any emotional situation, heart breakups, and many more. This implies a strong bond relationship between you and your friend. Hence these are the tips and tricks to follow to create a friendship Shayari 2 lines. 

Describe any hardships you have faced with your friend:

Apart from positive incidents, you should describe any hard times or challenges you have experienced with your friend. Even the best of friendships sometimes go through rough patches and many struggles. So, you have to mention the reason for the hardship and difficulty and how you both got together. And these arguments are common in any relationship but they will sustain and reunite when the relationship is stronger.

Final thoughts:

To conclude, to create an adorable poem you try a rhyming form or rhyming scheme, where your poem has a pattern of rhyme that occurs at the end of each line, it creates an interest in reading and more curiosity about what comes next on the line. Hence these tips should be considered when you write friendship Shayari 2 lines. Moreover, you go for a more visual form to give a live appearance to your poem. It seems to be a unique approach and it could be an acrostic form. Where all these visuals resemble your friend and his/her peculiarity. 

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