Follow the tips to become a WordPress Developer in 2022

WordPress holds a major share in the CMS market, as it attracts a user base. Because of this, it has come out as a lucrative field catching the attention of independent freelancers and various companies. Today, if you search for the top WordPress developer agency in Noida, then you will get to see a list of names. Proving their worth in the development task, the salary of a WordPress developer can go up to $150K from $45K. Now if you aim to become a WordPress Developer, then today we are going to provide you with essential information that is needed for this job. But first, let us brief you about:

WordPress Developer

A WordPress Developer can be defined as a professional that holds expertise in the infrastructure and ecosystem of the WordPress platform. He plays a big role in the advancement of WordPress software with the creation of new products, main themes, and plugins. But this is not the only task they deal with. They may also help in the creation, management, and customization of a WordPress site by working with clients. There are companies like Agio that provide comprehensive WordPress support in Noida

Some WordPress developers are behind the platform development via the creation of blocks, themes, plugins, and other tools with a motive to enhance the platform. Besides this, they also have a role in contributing to the WordPress Core. Whereas others help let clients create and maintain their sites. Most developers perform both roles. 

Now it must have surprised you that if there is no need for any special coding skills for users in building the WordPress website, then what brings the need for developers then? Why are they in great demand? Yes, it is indeed a fact that platform’s operation can be extended easily by the users through plugins. Apart from it, they can also customize its appearance by choosing a theme, publishing content, the addition of multimedia, configuring settings, and lots more. What is surprising is all of these can be done without referring to a single code.

Well, the more it seems so easy is not always true. It can also lead to problems if users lack technical knowledge. They might have to struggle to back up their data, revamp their website, fully customize the theme, and secure it. This is when the need for WordPress developers generates. In short, WordPress developers take up more technical challenges in creating and managing the WordPress site that the average user is not capable of tackling himself, or say is inexperienced.

Responsibility of WordPress developer

A WordPress developer is responsible for the back-end and front-end development of WordPress sites. This is included often but with no limitation to the creation of custom WordPress plugins and themes. Apart from these, the hiring of WordPress developers is also done for the creation of sitemap or wireframes for a potential site, moving a present site to the WordPress platform, or revamping it for the optimization of its SEO and conversion rate. 

The other option open for them is working with clients on their sites. They also review and debug the official WordPress codebase to make the software superior for all. Witnessing the growing demand for WordPress developers, let us quickly jolt down the skills which are required for it. 

Steps in becoming a WordPress Developer

Below are some of the skills that you need to have in becoming a WordPress Developer. Here are they:

Learning the basics of coding

Seeing the growing popularity of WordPress as a content management system, there is no need for users to know how to code. But this cannot be the same case for a developer. He needs to master the fundamentals of programming language – HTML, Javascript, PHP, and CSS which are of utmost importance for debugging, troubleshooting, and extension of platform operation. 

Reading WordPress and knowing its basics

A WordPress developer needs to master the basics of coding. For that, he needs to read the WordPress-specific resources, and know the main reason behind the uniqueness of CMS. 

Focusing on 3 major areas; what are they?

WordPress developers must put their focus on 3 major areas. These are core software, themes, and plugins. You can choose to master one area, but it would be an added advantage if you work on all three. 

Setting the development ecosystem

Now it’s time to set up a development ecosystem. This is very important for any developer (regardless of any type). Not only will it help in speeding up the process of development, but will also lead to a better product. 

Portfolio making for a job

Now after mastering all the basics, you will look for a WordPress developer job. But before that, you must be well-equipped with thorough knowledge and skills. Well, it applies to all streams but is very important for WordPress development for sure. In India, the range of salary of a WordPress Developer is between Rs 1.0 Lakhs to Rs 6.0 Lakhs. 

So all the best.

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