Everything you can do with a smartphone without a SIM Card

Smartphones are multitasking computers. It’s a phone, though. Without a SIM Card, it loses part of its soul. Losing some of its essences won’t render the device worthless. A smartphone isn’t a misnomer.

You can use your smartphone without a SIM Card. Knowing how the device works without this piece can help many users continue using it.

This guide will show you how to use a smartphone without a SIM card.

Make emergency calls

The emergency call feature is active on any smartphone, with or without a SIM card.

You can still contact the local emergency service in extreme situations (such as when your cell phone coverage is weak).

911 works without a SIM card or when it’s down or inactive.

Use it as a flashlight, clock, FM radio…

Several smartphone capabilities don’t require a SIM Card.

Clock, flashlight, FM radio, GPS, calculator, and games work without a network. All these activities are possible with the device.

It’s worth exploring your smartphone’s options to find features or apps that don’t require a SIM Card… and using those.

To record photos and videos

Taking photos and videos doesn’t require a data network or WiFi.

I record blog review videos without the internet to avoid interference (mainly in application notifications or instant messages).

If you’ve replaced your smartphone, but it has fantastic cameras, keep it for photos and videos.

Use with WiFi, and stay communicable

You only need a SIM card. WiFi and other smartphone functionalities are still functioning.

Using the smartphone to stay connected to the internet for all your network activities, such as reading emails, accessing social networks and messaging applications, browsing the internet, and watching videos, is worthwhile.

Without a SIM Card, you’re not completely unreachable. Just connect to a WiFi network, and you’re good to go.

You can even use WhatsApp

WhatsApp requires an internet connection, like most IM programmes.

No SIM Card with mobile data is required to communicate with other users. Everything will work if you connect your phone to WiFi.

You may also activate WhatsApp on a second phone and keep the SIM card in your main smartphone to isolate messages or to avoid certain persons.

Use your phone as a music player

If your smartphone’s speakers are powerful enough, you can use them as a portable music speaker.

You can save music files on the smartphone’s internal storage and use music player software to listen.

Installing music streaming apps on your smartphone and syncing it with a Bluetooth speaker creates a casual musical option.

Use your phone to watch videos

You can watch videos on your smartphone offline (using internal storage) or via WiFi streaming, just like music.

It’s possible to keep video files on the phone’s internal memory or use WiFi to access streaming platforms (Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Star+, etc.) without using the SIM Card mobile networks.

This is the best solution for those who want to kill time on plane rides or don’t want to drain their main phone’s battery.

Turn your phone into a portable video game

We can’t forget that online or cooperative video games aren’t everything.

Many smartphone games are created for loners who don’t wish to play free online games.

In this regard, it’s worth installing games with an offline profile to play video games on a lengthy vacation or at a beach apartment where the internet is spotty.

You can turn your iPhone into a powerful handheld game system with the correct attachments.

Create your version of Google Home or Amazon Alexa

Google Home and Amazon Echo are just speakers with a microphone and software to respond to voice commands.

You can make calls on a smartphone without a SIM card.

Install the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa apps on your phone and allow both to access the microphone.

Similar to dedicated devices. For those who prefer smart commands, it’s worth a try.

The perfect smartphone for kids

Last, a smartphone without a SIM Card is great for parents who are worried about their children using the internet to talk to pals.

The economy is the reason.

Without a SIM Card, your youngster can’t accidentally use their data or call quota (although nowadays it is normal to have unlimited calling plans).

Parents who want more control over their finances or don’t want end-of-month shocks might prepare an old phone for their child to safely use and communicate online.

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