Cherish these activities for a happy vacay in Dubai

Cherish these activities for a happy vacay in Dubai

Dubai, the rich land of exhilarating sports and petroleum, is truly captivating. The city of gold is renowned as a leading fuel exporter. Along with the iconic Burj Khalifa and Palm Islands, the city broke the record in innovation. Every corner of the city is worth gawking. Along with this, the advancements in Dubai have also increased its tourism. Dubai is a stunning city known to give unforgettable experiences as there are abundance of adventurous and amazing activities to make your vacations worthy. Don’t sweat yet, because we’re here with the list of the some of the best and exciting things to do with friends in Dubai. 

Charter a yacht and have fun

In order to admire the beauty of Dubai from sea, there’s no better way than renting a yacht with your group and have fun. Easy Yacht allows you book a yacht according to the event, budget, and needs. If you’re looking for scrumptious dinner, a mega yacht Dinner cruise in Dubai is the right choice. Relish the dinner with live music, cooking stations, and many onboard games. Spending quality time with your loved ones onboard and enjoy like never before.

Try water activities at Kite Beach

Visiting Dubai and not trying out water activities is torture for oneself. It’s fascinating to know that the city of gold offers the best water sports activities. Water sports at Kite Beach are adrenaline-pumping taking you on a spree of adventure. Undoubtedly, with friends, it’s considered as the best activity. Kite beach, the 14 kilometers long beach offers a fascinating coastline. Furthermore, try out wakeboarding, beach volleyball, kitesurfing, paddle boarding or many other activities in order to feel the adrenaline rush.     

Enjoy tender cold at Ski Dubai

If you think that you can experience snow in the scorching heat of Dubai, there’s no better way than Ski Dubai. I

t’s fascinating to know that exploring the city of gold with the little ones means, to kill two birds with one arrow. Get to enjoy the adventures of city and two you can enjoy snow and snow activities. It’s a resort amidst the dry desert city and your search for things to do with friends should definitely end with Ski Dubai.

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Offering ample snow activities like skiing, tobogganing and snowboarding, Ski Dubai is a must-visit. Apart from the snow activities, there’s also an option to participate in other snow events. Moreover, the best part regarding Ski Dubai is, it has penguins to make picture and play with.

Dive into the pre historic era

If the old things captivate you, this activity is ideal for you. The famous Dubai Museum is one of the best places in the world exhibiting prehistoric eras. If exploring a museum makes you happy, make a plan with your friends and have fun. Dubai museum allows you to witness manuscripts and Emirates weapons. However, many tour guides also allow you indulge in multiple other activities.  

Take the city tour

If you’re with friends in Dubai, just explore the city in a style. It can be done with two ways, explore by bus or the helicopter. It’s fascinating to know that you’ll be introduced to the amusing nook as well as the corner of Dubai with a bus tour. Get to enjoy the panoramic view from the helicopter on palm Jumeirah. Depending on the budget and preference, opt for either of the two. However, comparing the two won’t be a fair fight because both of them offer the experience of a lifetime.  

Go for ziplining at Aventura Park 

Sliding down a rope high above the ground in order to reach the other end. Doesn’t it sound exciting. That’s all what you will experience at Aventura Park Dubai offering the perfect experience for making you feel like a bird. Let the body free on the zipline and serene air to enter the mind. It’s fascinating to know that ziplining activity is not only adventurous but also refreshing. The park features many other fun activities for all ages to indulge in. hence, Aventura Park Dubai offers one of the best things to do with Friends must be in the lead. 

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