Attack On Titan: 17 Biggest Ways Eren Has Changed Since Season 1

After they graduated, Eren discovered that he could transform into a titan and became the Survey Corps’ greatest weapon. Another soldier from the 104th Cadet Corps, Annie, also had this ability but used it to attack the Survey Corps, leaving Eren to have to fight her at the end of the first season. He’s changed a lot since then and here are some of the clearest things that prove it.
The most entertaining part of Attack of Titan without a shadow of a doubt has been the protagonist Eren Jaeger himself. The character has wasted no time in showing just how much of an enigma he really is transforming by leaps and bounds ever since the advent of the first season. Here are some of the most notable and impressive ways he’s changed from the young angry man viewers were familiar with in Season 1.

Anger is no longer his only motivation
There was a time when Allen simply couldn’t control his anger, which is understandable considering the trauma he experienced as a child. His mother’s tragic death unleashed a well of rage within him, which he used to fuel his own motivations, from joining the Survey Corps to using the power of the Attack Titan to increase humanity’s war against the Titans who seek to devour them.

He gained an understanding of both sides of the conflict
When Eren realizes that humans are actually in conflict with each other, and that the Titans are merely a byproduct of this aggression, his mind is warped and he is forced to think a lot. Believing that everyone across the ocean is his villain, Alan decides to live secretly among the Marley slot deposit 10 gacor people to find out the cause of this hatred. This made him realize that there was nothing inherently bad or good about Marley and the Eldians. Both groups are marginalized

He Killed A Titan Without Transforming Into One
Eren has killed more than anyone else in the franchise, but he has mostly used his titan abilities to fight his enemies. Because of that, it wasn’t until the second season that he would kill a titan the way he was trained to in the 104th Cadet Corps.

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