A Guide To Senior Downsizing Services

Downsizing has been increasingly trending in the last decade or so. With that, downsizing services are also on the rise. While it is useful to have Senior Downsizing Services, there are still many steps that one should be careful of. Downsizing Specialists can, without a doubt, help make the process easier. At the same time, that is not enough. So here is a list of things you should be doing even when you are working with a downsizing specialist.

Take Time For Everything!

When downsizing, it is best to start early so that you have enough time for everything. It is always best to go through each item to find out what are the things that truly deserve a place in our home. Downsizing should be a long and drawn-out process of at least a month.

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The more rooms you have, the more time it should take. Even if you have fewer rooms to go through, starting early and going through each item will help sharpen your decisions. This is true enough even when you are working with Downsizing Specialists. They are trained to make decisions without any judgment, so you should be prepared to go through the process and take care of your belongings. They will not be making all your decisions for you. You must ensure that your most prized possessions, memories, and items with more emotional value are safe.

One Step At A Time

When you are downsizing, taking things one step at a time is highly important. You should be small at the corner of one room and move on from there. If you have a lot of items stored in your attic or garage, then these are the best places to start.

If you have not disposed of the things in your storage, then it means you are undecided about whether they are needed or not because if they were required, they would be inside the home and in use rather than in storage.

It is more manageable to decide from among these items and keep only a select few things. With this solved, the rest of the home can be handled more easily. Working slowly like this from the least important rooms to the most important ones can make the whole task uncomplicated.

Plan For The Future

While you are organizing, planning, and downsizing, think about where you will be moving into. Plan according to the rooms you will have after you downsize.

If your home library is going to get smaller, then you can begin by first removing the books and items you may not want to have in your new place. This will eliminate many items and will make the overall process effortless for you. Moreover, you will not have to depend on Downsizing Specialists too much. Consequently, you can move on feeling more confident.

Pick A Boat

Not literally!

Divide your things into categories that you will be taking and what you will be giving up. Having a maybe pile may have worked out when you were deep cleaning your home, but this will only confuse you when you are downsizing. By dividing your things into the yes/no pile, you will also streamline the process.

The items in the no pile can then be sorted according to their value. You can sell them as secondhand items, give them away to friends and family who want them, or donate them and dispose of them. Anything else that you are problematized about can be left for the Senior Downsizing Services providers to sort. They are aware that such downsizing seniors can be in such confusing situations and are trained to make decisions in such circumstances.

How To Handle Your Collections And Keepsakes?

In addition to the above, the items that are a part of your collections or hobbies can often be more difficult to handle and decide the importance of.

  • Keepsakes

Keepsakes from family members can be passed on to heirs. For instance, a wedding gift that you received from your sister can be passed on either to your daughter or your sister’s heirs. You can pick and choose family and friends who will value these items as much as you do and pass them on to them.

Other than this, you can move keepsakes from the display into storage so that you can have them even after you move.

  • Collections And Hobbies

The best course of action is to reduce your collections to essentials. For example, if you are into collectables, then you can keep the vintage items, special items, and such similar items that hold the most value in the specific niche. If your hobby is painting, writing, or arts and crafts, then you might have to assess each item and take a look at what you will need and what you can do without.

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  • Sell And Donate

Begin selling things that you are first sure that you don’t need. For knickknacks, you can set up a yard sale and sell them all. While it may not earn you much, you can have the satisfaction of people who love these items buying them from you and giving them a new home.

Secondly, you can also do this with the items from your hobbies and collections. You can post ads on social media about the items and attract the type of crowd who would value them equally.


Senior Downsizing Services can make downsizing an easy process, no doubt. Yet, it is best to handle most of your belongings yourself. This will give you more time and help you be more involved in what you will keep with you when you move or downsize.

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