A Brief Guide to knowing everything about Ballistic Helmets 

Providing your head the best protection possible is necessary, especially in a war or battlefield. It is when a ballistic helmet can serve you the best, ensuring the ultimate protection of your head and other parts. But, before buying a ballistic helmet in UK, you must know its features in detail. 

In this guide, we have discussed a few things you must know before buying a ballistic helmet, including its features. So, let’s begin with this guide ASAP! 

What is a Ballistic Helmet?

A ballistic helmet refers to a special helmet, standard infantry equipment that provides ballistic protection from fragmentation to the upper portion of our heads, including the head, temple, ears, neck, etc. A ballistic helmet is also known as a combat helmet, bulletproof helmet, or battle helmet. You can get many different types of ballistic helmets from reputed manufacturers in Europe. But, always prioritise the quality, your personal preferences, and affordability while shopping for a ballistic helmet. 

Features to look for in a Ballistic Helmet before buying

Before you get your hands on a ballistic helmet in UK, you must assess whether the helmet has all the features mentioned below or not. These features include:

  • The helmet must provide unmatchable comfort and extreme protection to the wearer at the same time. Additionally, it must have padded comfort liners and a crown mesh harness to ensure 100% comfort for the user.
  • It should be lightweight so that you can carry it without any problems.
  • Ballistic helmets must meet the protection level mentioned below.

NIJ Level IIIA 0101.04

  • 9mm 124 gr FMJ
  • 44 MAG 240 gr LSWC

Fragmentation V50 as per MIL-Std-662F

  • 17 gr FSP = 2283 fps
  • 16 gr RCC = 2400 fps
  • 4 gr RCC = 3117 fps
  • 2 gr RCC = 4159 fps
  • 64 gr RCC = 1814 fps
  • A ballistic helmet must be of premium-quality materials along with being bulletproof and waterproof. 
  • It must have features like self-installation so that the wearer can easily fix or unfix the helmet to avoid any disturbance and danger on the battlefield or other places. 
  • Before selling the final product to the public, the helmet must undergo several tests (including shock absorption) and have certification of EN397.
  • A ballistic helmet must come with a few years of warranty (at least three of five years)
  • Finally, a ballistic helmet must offer various sizes (S, M, L) and colour options (tan, black, camouflage, etc.) so that buyers can get their hands on the products depending on their needs. 

Different types of Ballistic Helmets 

You can find many different types of ballistic helmets in the market. But without knowing the different features of each helmet, finding the right one may seem difficult to you. It is very important to go through all the important features before choosing one. So, here are some of the best types mentioned for your convenience. 

  • Alpha High Cut Ballistic Helmets: It is a powerful, rigorous, and unique helmet specially designed for the Law Enforcement, Assault, and Special Operations teams. Its lightweight, different colours, sizes, and high protection level make it a highly sought-after ballistic helmet.
  • Tactical Helmets: It is another comfortable and lightweight ballistic helmet that ensures top-notch protection to the wearer. This helmet is a more compact version of the famous PASGT helmet that comes in different sizes and colours. Furthermore, with its reduced ear and back coverage, and no lip, you can have better peripheral vision and hearing with a tactical helmet. On the other hand, it enables the wearer to shoot from a prone position. 
  • Sigma Helmets: It is another versatile ballistic helmet with maximum coverage made of Aramid composite. Along with protecting your head and neck areas, it offers unparalleled comfort to the user. Sigma helmet is a perfect ballistic helmet for you if you are in the police or military team. 
  • CVC Helmets: CVC or Combat Vehicle Crewman helmet is another famous ballistic helmet specially designed for soldiers and tank crews. This helmet is capable of accommodating all popular communication headsets. Its unique features, lightweight, and easy installation process makes the CVC helmet a favourite ballistic helmet of soldiers. 
  • PASGT Helmets: PASGT helmet imitates the US’s famous Military PASGT shape and style. When it comes to comfort and high-level protection at the same time, PASGT tends to win the game. So, before going to the battlefield the next time, opting for a PASGT helmet is a must. 


Now, when you have collected all the much-needed information and a few excellent suggestions on ballistic helmets, the journey of buying one will hopefully become easier for you. So, while buying a ballistic helmet from a shop or online, always look for the features mentioned above, and if everything is alright, then only purchase. Also, do not forget to check out the certifications and protection level of the helmet because protection is an essential thing in the world for all of us. So make sure to make an informed purchase.

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