5 Types of Fabrics with Special Materials

Many types of fabrics with a variety of textures and characteristics of each. These fabrics have varied advantages and disadvantages when used as materials for everyday clothing. Sometimes knowing the type of fabric in these clothes will make it easier when shopping, especially online shopping. Before knowing the various advantages of each type of fabric, you need to pay attention to tips on choosing good and comfortable clothing materials for everyday life. Don’t want it, have you bought cloth for expensive clothing or a good model but it turns out the texture isn’t as comfortable as expected. Therefore, pay attention to some RTP Live tips on choosing the following clothing materials.

Linen has special characteristics

It looks like cotton cloth but linen is the best quality fabric and has special characteristics. You can easily tell linen apart because of the fibers it contains. Linen fabric is a cloth made from the natural fibers of the hemp plant, so the fibers of this cloth can be seen clearly and feel stiff but have a finer texture than cotton. This of course affects the selling price of linen cloth in the market. Even though it tends to be more expensive than cotton, this type of linen fabric has quality that doesn’t disappoint

Drill is suitable for making bottom materials

Not only linen, drill cloth also has a shape that resembles cotton cloth. The difference is, drill cloth is thicker than cotton or linen. This fabric is made from a mixture of tetoron and rayon fibers and polyester. Because it is thicker and quite stiff, this fabric should be used as the main material for pants, culottes or skirts. In addition to bottoms, drill cloth is also often used as factory workers’ uniforms and hats.

Baby canvas is far from stiff and rough

What comes to your mind when you read the word “canvas”? The rough cloth used for painting and making tote bags and shoes? Yes, canvas fabric does seem rough and stiff but the opposite is true for baby canvas. Even though this fabric is rarely used as a daily outfit, there’s nothing wrong with trying to wear clothes made from it. Even though it feels a bit rougher than other types of fabrics, baby canvas fabric is still comfortable against the skin, especially when worn all day long.

Organza material for the feminine style lover

Organza or organdy material is indeed one of the fabric materials that is on the rise. The reason is that now there are so many tops, dresses, hijabs, and kebayas that use this type of cloth. The cloth material has a thin surface and tends to dreamy. But the transparent effect creates a beautiful silhouette when worn

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